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Hello! [Aug. 28th, 2004|05:24 am]


[mood |pleasedpleased]
[music |computer bleeps]

Hello, everyone! Greetings from the Bajor sector. I'm Kasidy Sisko, captain of the freighter Xhosa, resident of the Federation starbase Deep Space Nine. Some of you may know my husband Ben. It's good to see so many names and faces that I recognize.

What did I do this summer? Well, first of all, I hadn't realized it was the end of summer on Earth. It's early spring in the Kendra Province on Bajor where my stepson and I are building a house. Odd, how humans have become so spread out that we forget such simple things about our home planet. But I guess that's life in the 24th century.

But to answer the question, let's see: This summer I got married. Then I found out I was pregnant. Then the Dominion War ended, but before we could celebrate properly my husband went off to join the aliens who live in the Bajoran wormhole, for an indeterminate length of time. Since then I've been keeping busy with cargo runs on my ship, and planning for the house Ben was going to build. I visited my mother on Earth, and I just got back from a supply trip to the reconstruction efforts on Cardassia and Betazed. And I discovered that Jake, my twenty year old stepson, makes better brownies than Ben did, which made me unaccountably homesick for Ben. Life's crazy that way sometimes....

So yes, I've been busy. I think I'll answer the questionaire, too, just in case it reveals something about me that will be indispensable in getting to know me. :) (Well, you never know, do you?)

Last Alcoholic Drink -- Synthahol in Vic Fontaine's holographic lounge

Last Kiss -- Dammit, Kas, don't cry, not in front of all these strangers Ben...

Last Good Cry -- In Vic Fontaine's. He sings a lot of love songs, you know? But he's very kind.

Last Book Read -- A biography of Amanda Grayson of Vulcan. Next book, on a whim: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Definitely an interesting combination!

Last Movie Seen Holoprogram Visited -- Vic Fontaine's lounge

Last Cuss Word -- "dammit"

Last Food Eaten -- pasta with Idanian alfredo sauce and brownies

Last Communication -- conference call with my engineer and Ensign Nog about an instability in the warp plasma manifolds on the Xhosa

Last Item Bought -- roofing materials for the house

Last Annoyance -- a Bajoran vedek wants to see me "in my capacity as the wife of the Emissary."

Last Disappointment -- He wasn't there when I woke up this morning, either Kira isn't around to field questions about what I should say to the vedek

Last Sleep -- Late this morning before lunch with Ezri (ezri_tigan_dax).

Well, I hope that wasn't too long an introductory post. I'm very glad to be here!